Full Task List

Want to know what tasks are coming up? Below is the full list for the year.

1. Next Stop: Unexpected

Walk into an elevator filled with people and do something unexpected.

2. Sounds Like Garbage

Create a musical instrument from things in the trash.

3. Barefoot Day

Walk around wearing no shoes or socks for a day.

4. Non-native Speaker

Study the language of a certain country and then go to the corresponding country’s restaurant and speak only in that language.
5. Telephone

For one day, the only way you will be able to communicate with people is through

talking on the phone with them.
6. Hearing Voices

Have a friend create a simple set of secret instructions. Execute them in a public space.

7. Paper Trails

Create something giant out of paper, then show it to the world.

8. Musical Instruments

Learn a new song. Perform it.

9. Embrace the Boogeyman

Make a list of your top 3 fears and create tasks to face them head on.

10. Can I Crash at Your Place?

Stay at a friend’s place for a night.
11. Cake Will Kill Me

Eat only one type of food for the entire day. (week/month)

12. Dress to Impress

Eat at a restaurant in a variety of different clothing, noting the differences in treatment.

14. Director’s Cut

Remake and film your favorite scene from a movie. Display it to the world.

15. Light me Up

Build something with the sole intent of lighting it on fire after it’s done.

16. Fixing the Little Things

Create a solution from scratch to a pet peeve you have.

17. Love Connection

Go on a date arranged by a website.

18. In Your Wildest Dreams

Record your dreams and put them into a story.

19. The Stuff of Legends — Biblical Proportions

“When someone asks if you’re a god, you say yes!”  Pose as a god or something worship-worthy.

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