Contributors and Friends

Financial Backers

Following are the names of people who have generously given to make our 2013 season a reality. Their kindness provides a space for great stories to be shared and heard, and to happen. Knowing these folks has graced our lives and we hope to honor that grace through our continuing good work. These people stand by us in a special way and we’d like to thank them here.

Adam Charles Baker, Amrita K. Dhaliwal, Andy Boyd, Alexander Manifold, Arlene Malinowski, Arvon Byle, Benjamin Rabin, Brian Posen, Britini Rios, Byron Roussin, Carol Williamsen, Candace H. Bias, Charlotte Richardson, Chicago Story Collective, Concisely Magazine, Craig Weissman, Dan Boyd, David Boyd, David J Boyd, Deanna, Dee, Delores Ruen, Dorothy Clare Tessman, Duo Yang, Erik Gerdes, Francis X Bergh, Frank R Sjodin, Frankell Baramdyka, Gene Kaylan, Hailey,James Whitledge, Janna Sobel, Janet Richardson, Jen Bosworth, Jennifer E Nette, Jill Howe, Jocelyn Geboy, Karen Rogers, Kathy Kaylan, Kathryn Thoresen, Kenneth Brezinsky, Kim Dearnley, Kym Paszkeicz, Little Independent, Lorelei, Makiko Yamauchi, MT Cozzola, Megan Stielstra, Michael DeRan, Michael Grandillo, Michael Ruen, Monte J Laforti, Nadams, Nancy, Nathan Smith, Nicholas Tramdack, Nicki Mazzocca, Noah Firestone, Patricia Boyd, Patricia Whitledge, Rafael D Suarez, Robert Biedrzycki, Robert L. Richardson, Robert G Richardson, Robert Rollings, Ryszard Borys, Sabine Choucair, Sally Byle, Sean P Owiecki, Shannon Cason, Shift News, Stephanie Pereira, Stephen Poon, Steven Coberly, Thomas Richardson, Trudy Valenti

Creative Contributors

Following are the names of people who, through the donation of their time, art, effort, or knowledge, have given Here’s the Story invaluable support and resource. As HtS is a community-based organization, and is by its nature made up entirely of the people involved, every person who attends a show, brings a dish to the potluck, listens, smiles, tells a story, hands out flyers, or helps clean up plates after a show belongs in this category and IS Here’s the Story. Given that, we have done our best here to mention some folks who have contributed in some outstanding ways. If your name belongs on this list and you don’t see it, please forgive us, let us know, and it will be there shortly.

Alyson Lyon, Scott Whitehair, Arlene Malinowski, Deanna Moffit, Joe Janes, Stephanie Douglass, Kristin Abhalter, Aria Alexander-Manifold, Kim Dearnly, Makiko Yamauchi, Jill Howe, Michael Maller, David Boyd, Amy Kuttab, Kenton Quatman, Ray Whitehouse, Stefan Saito, Anonymous

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