A Month Of… Transit: Stop Somewhere New

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Next Month’s show will be A Month Of Transit: Stop Someplace New

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One of the things I like about this task is how it’s worded. Rather than, “Go Someplace New” it’s “Stop Someplace New.”

It reminds me that every time I commute there are little hidden gems, quaint adventures, interesting and unexpected people between points A & B that I might find.

How many cities to I pass on the way to Vernon Hills? How many awesome restaurants do I miss out on between Lake Street Redline stop and Belmont Redline stop? This theme gives me the impetus to find out!

As for the group task, I suspect we might be going someplace new. The audience discussed Skokie, Milwaukee, and a few other “exotic” locals. If you want in on that part of the adventure, shoot us an email! Contact@storyluck.org

A Month Of… Transit
Stage 7773
1225 West Belmont
Wed Dec 9th
7:30 Food
8:00 Stories

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