A Month Of… Moving On

“Burn or destroy something that has sentimental value to you.”

The audience was a little dark. Two votes, dark.

Awesome food. Great Stories. Pictures and podcast forthcoming.

Tomorrow, you’re likely to get an email kicking off the discussion of the group task.

I’ll probably help out with that, but I’m also going solo this month. I’ve got a plan, and I’m going to make that plan happen. If you want in on the group task, didn’t show up to this month’s show, or didn’t talk to cory. Email him! Cory@amonthof.org.

I suspect we’ll be meeting in about 2 weeks.

Alright. It’s late, I’m super groggy.

Special thanks to the boy who traveled from LA to see the show and Valentine for staying up all night with us and second acting Elizabeth’s Crazy Little Thing.

Hope the rest of you are dreaming of cuddly people.

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