Clearly, the Only Thing Missing From Your Life, is Another News Letter.

I want you to tell stories.

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Here’s the thing, you’re incredibly lucky to have been born in a world where you get to wrench meaning from the random plots the world throws at you. Tragic, comic, heartwarming… you can apply those emotional lenses on any series of events.

In this newsletter we tell stories, and we talk wonkishly about the craft that is, narrative performance.

For those of you who might have found this sales page, and aren’t sure if you’re a storyteller…

Let Me Check in With You…

1. Is there someone in your life who tells stories you admire?

2. When you fall asleep, do you slip into a wild dreamscape filled with strange combinations of images and awkward plots where you wake up and think… why?

3. Do you want to tell stories that captivate, entertain, enrich those around you?

For those of you who said yes to all three questions, you might be thinking, “That’s everyone.”It’s a lot of people. I’ll give you that. But having spent 11+ years producing storytelling shows, teaching storytelling classes, and working 1 on 1 with clients, it isn’t everyone.

There’s something special about you, that you long to tell stories, to turn it into an artform. To sit around and discuss what makes a story you like… and in contrast what makes you shudder.

This newsletter is the home you’ve been looking for.

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