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JEN Columbus 2015


Journey to the End of the Night: Nights Templar

Saturday, September 5th, 2015
6:30 pm Schiller Park
1069 Jaeger Street


Journey to the End of the Night is a giant game of tag, where players race to 5 secret checkpoints while trying not to get tagged. At each checkpoint, a challenge awaits you! If you do get tagged, join the chasers and hunt your former allies.

Every Journey has a story and theme, and this years theme is Knights vs Demons.

The Knights Templar, an ancient order tasked with protecting humanity from cross dimensional Demons, fled the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire in 1807, and re-established their headquarters in what would become German Village in Columbus, Ohio.

The descendants of the Templars maintained the hidden instruments of power that have protected humanity from demonic horde for centuries, but they now need the help of ordinary central Ohioans to activate and use them!

Join us on the twilight streets of Columbus September 5th. Make your adventure, and remember: Your actions, successes and failures determine the fate of humanity!

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If you would like to make this years Journey happen, please contact me at noah@storyluck.org to find out how to get involved.

Start Location & Time

6:30 pm
Schiller Park
1069 Jaeger Street
Columbus, OH 43206

After party

Award Ceremony at 11:30 pm
Tatoheads Public House
1297 Parsons Avenue
Columbus, OH 43206



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