Mission Statement

Here’s the Story is a literary 501c3 that promotes storytelling throughout the city. Our mission is to listen, tell, and create new stories. We invite everyone and remain open source.

All of our shows strive to listen, tell and create stories. Here’s the Story’s primary focus is listening. Journey is an active story telling event. A Month Of focuses on creation. Our marketing and our shows aren’t exclusively targeted. We don’t have over 21 shows, we don’t have Under 14 shows either. All of the events we participate in are open to the public and in everything we do we strive to make sure everyone gets the note that they are welcome.

Everything we publish is done so via an open license. That means you’re free to take it and use it. Under many circumstances we chose to publish work in the public domain which is the freest way possible. Please take advantage of this! If you need help, contact@heresthestory.org

Our Shows
Here’s the Story
A Month Of
Journey to the End of the Night

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