A Month Of… Hosts

Meet your hosts!

Paul Teodo is the 62 year old father of 2 great sons. Paul and Peter. He is also the partner of Sheryl who kicks his butt and keeps him in shape as she teaches yoga, spinning, pilates, step and lots of other “physical kinds of things” Paul is a retired hospital exec whose last job gave him the privilege of working with a group of over 80 year old nuns who for the most part were all under four foot eleven! He loves telling and listening to stories whether it be at a Chicago story telling event or around the dinner table eating pasta.

Cory O’Brien is a technojester and word wizard of the highest caliber. He has a book called Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes: A No-Bullshit Guide to World Mythology, in which he retells ancient myths like it’s 3AM and he’s ten drinks past his maximum. You should buy it. You should also check out his website, which is bettermyths.com.

Jesse Bob Harper grew up in Indiana but has spent most of his life in Los Angeles, so he can ask for either a “pop” or “soda” with equal sincerity… You can read or listen to some of Jesse Bob’s other stories and such at www.jessebobharper.com

Duo is a fallen engineer, an unrepentant wallflower, and a Level 3 baker. He enjoys reading by the lake, walking in the rain, and inviting strangers into his home. None of these things really matters though. For now, simply gaze upon his picture. See how much he loves bubbles? He loves storytelling much, much more, and he is thrilled to be a part of this wondrous journey.

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