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Aug. 3rd the Features Feature!

I am looking out a window full of tree tops and sky, wondering what could be better than having a reason to assemble some of the best people I know every month; to bring them all together in one room, to listen and share and be inspired by eachother’s experiences, thoughts, lives and stories. I’m not sure I know an answer.

With Here’s the Story thriving and growing by leaps and bounds every month, I am happy knowing that this kind of coming together is serving and satisfying the wonderful people who turn up to it from Chicago’s many creative communities. It feels great to offer a place and time for all of you who are doing such good things with your lives to meet other folks who are doing the same, through all different ways and means.

Alyson Lyon
Joe Janes
Roger Bonair-Agard
Sarah Weidmann
and Natasha Tsoutsouris

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July 6th’s Show! Featuring…

Here to shine a spotlight on our featured guests for July 6th’s Here’s the Story! If you’ve been meaning to make it to our brand new beautiful event, July’s show is THE night to attend! Along with 5 open slots for you or anyone who wishes to tell a story, we are hosting 5 featured tellers who we think will inspire and delight you. These folks are teachers, writers, thinkers, entertainers and all-around Chicago sweethearts who we are dazzled by, and cannot wait to share. So excited. Totally honored. Come join us to listen and tell! :)

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The Features Feature!

Hey everyone!  As many of you know, our June show will mark our first storytelling event featuring invited storytellers.  We are very excited about this, and want to tell you a little bit about it. HTS will continue to be a potluck and open story swap, where everyone is welcome to sign up to share a story. Common sharing is at the heart of what we mean to foster with this event, so please come to tell if you wish!

picture of cups

In June, we are honored and delighted to bring you the following line up of featured tellers:

Anthony Oberbeck
Kelsie Huff
Rev. Dr. Clare Butterfield
Norm Holly
Scott Whitehair

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Thank You

A big warm virtual sparkly-eyed hug to everyone who came and listened and shared their stories on Wednesday night.  I had such a good time listening to all of you, and felt totally welcome in sharing my own stories… as spoooky as they turned out to be.  : )  Who knows why we feel moved to tell what we do at an event like this?  Sometimes it’s because someone else’s story sparked our memory of something, and sometimes it seems like a story comes out of nowhere, unrelated to anything, but we really want to share it anyway.  I love both kinds, and have vivid memories of the stories you all shared.   Poor little Butterball dangling in the air… Andy’s uncle making his cousin eat everyone else’s food… the fish on the pillow… the gifted wallet… the future king of comedy… Nadia hearing her dad tell the story of her own birth for the first time… the Agressive Behavior of 100 pound catfish (what was his name)?  And then there were Joey’s chocolate chip pumpkin cupcakes, which like Dan said were a story in and of themselves.

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You know. It’s good.

My friend Siamak and I were talking on the phone today about improv and writing and first dates. We were considering that there’s a lot we have inside ourselves that only gets offered up in the presence of somebody we trust. Bright things that get shared more freely in a situation where someone else (teammate, …

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Feels Like Home

I am excited about this.  Not everything is simple, but in the middle of it all is a feeling that is.  A feeling which, I’ve found–when I’ve had some courage and commitment to listen to it in my life– has brought me to the brightest places.  Uncanny conversations, relevant exchanges, revolutions of friendship and creative adventure, answers, treasures, remedies and the very best surprises seem to come with more ease when I have some willingness to follow an interior sense of home.  This is a feeling like joy, like recognizing something new that looks somehow familiar; like part of my own story that I remember with affection. Like I remember where I come from, sometimes I remember where I’m going.

To be sure, it is work sometimes to follow, let alone hear, this internal sense of direction.  But I keep trying, and sometimes, the directions are louder than others.  Like now.  Like with this event Dan and I are making with and for our friends (those known, and yet-unknown : )).  It’s a good challenge to bring it into being, but in the middle of it all it is a deep happiness… a feeling of yes and joy and of-course, that makes me feel like it is the nicest idea in the world for us to gather people ’round to listen to and be delighted by each other.

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