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Oct 03 2014

A Month Of… Disconnect Yourself

Photo Storytelling Duo Cory

A Month Of… Disconnect Yourself
1225 West Belmont
7:30 Food
8:00 Stories
$10 or free with a shared dish
It’s also free if you post a story before hand here!

This month the audience chose to go out and find strangers with special places to go. We got a lot of good suggestions. (You can follow us on Instagram/storyluck and twitter/storyluck to watch us live tweet the event!)

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May 15 2014

A Month Of … The Things We Find

Thanks to all who came out to tonight’s show. We shared stories of fictitious paramours, grocery-store solicitations, and all manner of amorous hijinx. Plus, we selected this month’s task. Here it is: The Things We Find Glue a coin to a sidewalk in a public place. The meaning of “coin”, “sidewalk”, and “glue” are of …

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Nov 12 2013

No Shirt No Shoes and I Don’t Get Service

I hate this task for two reasons. One: I don’t have much money, which makes dining out repeatedly a losing proposition. The only place I can afford to dine out at repeatedly is the restaurant I used to work at, where the manager consistently buys me food and it doesn’t matter what I wear. Which …

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