Oct 03 2014

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A Month Of… Disconnect Yourself

A Month Of… Disconnect Yourself
1225 West Belmont
7:30 Food
8:00 Stories
$10 or free with a shared dish
It’s also free if you post a story before hand here!

This month the audience chose to go out and find strangers with special places to go. We got a lot of good suggestions. (You can follow us on Instagram/storyluck and twitter/storyluck to watch us live tweet the event!)

If you’ve never been to our show and wonder what it’s like, here is the rundown.

Photo Storytelling Duo Cory

Cory and Duo introduce the show.

listening to stories

Then everyone sits around wrapped as we all tell stories loosely based on last month’s theme.

Friends hanging out

Then we get together in the next week or two to adventure together in real life!

And the cycle starts up again on Wed. Come tell stories with us!

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Dan Boyd's stories have been featured all over Chicago. He is currently Story Luck's President. You can read more about him at his blog, starveanartist.com.

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